Magic Blue Piippo

Magic Blue Piippo

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Piippo Magic Blue – extended length blue strapping net (3090 m). The tensile strength of the mesh is min 280kgs. UV stabilized all-weather mesh improves the performance of the baler when tying hay, green fodder, silage, straw, and other materials wrapped in rolls or bales. In the production of the material, the patented innovation Easy Coverage System 2 (ECS2) is used, which ensures uniform stretching of the net over the entire web.



Width, m Length, m
1,23 2060 and 3090
1,25 2060 and 3090
1,3 2060 and 3090

Additional information

Product type

Mesh hay knitting

Width, m

1.23, 1.25, 1.3

Length, m

2060, 3090




  • increased tensile strength;
  • increased length of the net, which reduces the time for harvesting hay and green forage;
  • increased resistance to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, wind loads;
  • the presence of warning stripes;
  • tightness of packaging;
  • the presence of ergonomic carrying handles;
  • profitability;
  • relatively light roll weight.

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