Piippo baling twine

PIIPPO baling twine

This type of twine is versatile and suitable for all packaging balers. Twine Piippo - Finnish is the highest quality, reliability and ease of use. Twine is made through a unique technology that makes twine very soft and guarantees a good tightness of nodes. It is worth noting that the term of his service in the two exceeds all counterparts.

Each kilogram of twine Piippo 25% longer than other manufacturers twine, this makes it the most economical and popular.

We sell polypropylene twine for tying bales with baling hay and straw for use in greenhouses, for the garter vine manufacturing ropes for packing goods.

Name of the twine Bobbin weight, kg Actual meters in 1 reel, m Tensile strength, kg
110 Super Extreme 10.5 1155 422
115 Extreme 9 1035 410
122 Magnum 9 1098 370
130 BIG SQUARE 9 1170 360
145 Original 9 1305 310
400 Traditional 5 2000 120
600 Round Bale 5 3000 83

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